Lodging Opportunities Coming Up!!

Many of you have tried to get onto our site to book a room or a cabin and have seen that much of the season is completely blocked off. Lots of things taking place that brought us to that decision, but we will be opening up the reservation book TODAY for weekends correlating with our music events! Those weekends will be August 4, August 11, August 25, September 15.

August 4-5 Matt Hillyer from Eleven Hundred Springs

August 11-12 Rico Gonzalez from Kin Faux

August 25-26 Erica and Phil Hamilton

September 15-16 Mark Powell and Full Band

Make sure to grab a room or cabin while they last! Featured above is our Valley View Cabin!

3 thoughts on “Lodging Opportunities Coming Up!!

  1. We were at the Wirrig’s party last night, and we wanted to let you know what a fabulous job you did!

    The paella was as good as any we had in Spain! Kudos to the new chef!
    Mark, you made the evening so special with your unique and easy to listen to singing/guitar playing! Meridith, you are a joy….so upbeat, energetic, and fun! By the way…your voice is beautiful!

    We love what you’ve done to the Baldpate, and hope to enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years! Thank you!
    Libby and Dennis Bryan

  2. Hi there,

    I am an EP local wondering how to purchase tickets to your music events. Last year I know they were available through Lumpy Ridge Brewery – can’t find that now. Help!

    Elizabeth Marshall

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