Music Events Kick Off

This weekend was a fabulous way to kick off our music events for the summer. Taking place in our dining room, we avoided having to scramble between the rainstorms. We had two nights with outstanding storytelling and entertainment. Thank you to Matt Hillyer and Matt Kinman for joining Mark Powell on our stage! Looking forward to this next weekend, Matt Kinman will once again join us, but with another one of our friends, Rico Gonzalez! We will see if our stage can contain the energy that Rico brings to it! You are in for a great time with these 3 guys and their very different approach to music and songwriting. The magic is when they all come together and make something new for us all to enjoy!

Great news! You can now reserve your spot on our website! Toggle over to our events page and there you will find the individual links for each of the shows. I am including the links below the poster on this page as well if you would like to go ahead and get your name on our list!

Rico Gonzalez

August 11th Tickets:

August 12th Tickets:

Erica and Phil Hamilton

August 25th Tickets:

August 26th Tickets:

Mark Powell and Band

September 15 Tickets:

September 16 Tickets:

Dallas Moore and David Lee

September 29 Tickets:

September 30 Tickets:

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