During the unpredictability of the last few years, our family decided to take a leap of faith in December 2020, and relocate from Parker, Colorado to Estes Park to live and operate the historic Baldpate Inn. When we came across this property, we immediately fell in love with its stick timber construction, sprawling key collection, and historical artifacts. We knew that we were meant to be here to continue the efforts of the families before us who put much of themselves into the preservation of this property.

When you come to visit, you will often hear us tell the stories of how we knew that we were chosen to be here. It’s no coincidence to us that the original owner’s last name was Mace and our youngest daughter is named, Macy. Secondly, one of the characters in the story, “Seven Keys to Baldpate” is named Mr. Hayden, which is the name of our son, whom was named after my grandfather. Finally, we uncovered in the key room a trunk belonging to the original owner and several of her personal belongings inside. Imagine our surprise when we opened it to see the large trunk manufacture’s label on the inside, inscribed with my name, Oliver “Meredith”. Fun stories and events continue to confirm that we are right where we are meant to be and we look forward to sharing with you more of the story.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first summer season in 2021 meeting friends in the community and welcoming guests from all over the country. We look forward to continued growth at the Seven Keys Lodge and cannot wait to see everyone’s return. Please stop in to see our key collection, watch the hummingbirds while you swing on the porch, or join us for an evening to grab a bite to eat and drink. We will have a seat saved for you!

Mark, Meredith, Ella, Hayden, and Macy Powell

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