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The temperatures are beginning to look a lot like Fall! Be sure to book your rooms for mid to late September if you would like to enjoy the changing of the Aspen trees! We have availability as well as more live music, food, and cocktails to enjoy.

Speaking of which, we sadly said goodbye to our College Seniors as they returned to ACU to finish out their collegiate careers. We feel so fortunate to have had them here with us this summer and know that they loved meeting all of you and the beautiful friendships you afforded them. We hope to have them back as guests in the future! Until then, say “Hello!” to our bartenders to finish out the season! We are thrilled to welcome Angie and Brooks to help us out. You may also find Mark and myself filling your cup and telling you stories when you pull up a barstool. We may not be as good as the pros, but we are excited to craft more cocktails for you this Fall.

Angie, Meredith, Mark, and Brooks

Please note as we move into our school season our times and days of evening operation have changed. Beginning this next week, we will be serving food and cocktails, Wednesday through Saturday nights, 5-10pm and Brunch on Sundays, 10am-1pm.

August 26-27 will be a weekend you do not want to miss! We are excited to bring Jerrod Medulla out to the Seven Keys Lodges to sing, play, and tell some stories. Mark and Jerrod have grown up and played together ever since their early days in Abilene, Texas. Come join us as we enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Noteworthy publications: We are excited to share that the Seven Keys Lodge has gotten some attention this summer thanks to Denver 7 News and Atlas Obscura Podcast! Check out our interviews about the lodge and its incredible history. We are grateful for all who have tuned in and come to visit thanks to these wonderful companies who took a special interest in our beautiful lodge.

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